Kostas Politis sensei

Kostas Politis was the person who brought Aikido in Greece. He opened the first Aikido dojo in Greeece on November 1976, the Athens Aikido Hombu Dojo and established the Greek Aikido Federation.

Greek Aikido Federation was one of the founder members of the International Aikido Federation

Marial arts demonstration in Athens, at Panelinio 27 May 1979.

You can see in the photos Kosta Politi with George Panetsos, Maria Marnierou, Alexi Papa, Yanni Tsorotioti


At the Athens Polytechnic in 1979 women students started to practice in martial arts. It was an idea of N. Raftaki and with the support of Th. Persidi, A. Kravariti and K.Politi they started cources in Judo, Shotokan and Aikido. In the photo we see A. Kravariti and K. Politi.


George Koliopoulos was the first professional Aikido instructor.

Here is the first visit of his instructor Toyoda sensei in Athens at 22 October 1990.

In the first row we see A. Papa, M. Marnierou, G. Koliopoulo, Toyoda sensei, K. Politi, E. Papathanasi, A. Douza and J. Lammont